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I love reading books and discovering new authors. I post reviews on the books I finish on Amazon and Goodreads.

I hope my reviews will help you discover new authors and novels to enjoy.

Whre the truth lies by MJ Lee

Where the Truth Lies by MJ Lee

24th May 2019 – 3 stars. I wish publishers would stop promoting books with comments like ‘The most gripping crime thriller of the year’ or ‘unputdownable’. I put down my ...
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Murder Undeniable Anita Waller

Murder Undeniable by Anita Waller

18th May 2019. 4 stars. While this was crime fiction, it was a fun book filled with memorable characters that will live long in the memory. I’d picked up on ...
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Don't Say A Word Barbara Freethy

Don’t Say A Word by Barbara Freethy

18th May 2019. 5 stars. From time to time I like to try something different from my usual read. My wife thought I would enjoy this author’s writing and story ...
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You are Dead

You Are Dead by Peter James

8th May 2019 – 5 stars. There is no doubt that Peter James is a superlative writer with his original plots, great characters, and his attention to detail and procedure ...
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Longstone by LJ Ross

22nd April 2019 – 4 stars. I’m glad the team were back in Northumbria for this murder investigation involving a Viking shipwreck that costs Iain Tucker his life. In steps ...
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Black Diamond Death

Black Diamond Death by Cheryl Bradshaw

21st April 2019 – 4 stars. Having already read and thoroughly enjoyed #6 in the series, I was keen to go back to the beginning to see where it all ...
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More Equal than Others

More Equal than Others by Robin Roughley

9th April 2019 - 5 stars. You’re guaranteed an imaginative plot that will twist and turn and twist again when you join DS Lasser on another investigation. In this case, ...
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Panic Room

Panic Room by Robert Goddard

22nd March 2019 – 4 stars. This is my kind of book. Ordinary people, drawn into a dense, intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing till the final moments when all ...
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Want You Dead by Peter James

Want You Dead by Peter James

18th March 2019 - 4 stars. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the previous Roy Grace novels, getting to know the characters, loving the inventive plots and twists and attention to ...
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Hard Fall

Hard Fall by Phil Reade

28th February 2019 – 3 stars. The author’s narrated style attracted me to try the book and kept me turning the pages as the story slowly unfolded among the dark, ...
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Dead Mans Time

Dead Man’s Time by Peter James

25th February 2019 - 5 stars. I love the Roy Grace series because you can rely on Peter James to deliver a classy crime thriller with an intriguing, well-researched plot, ...
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An Accidental Death

An Accidental Death by Peter Grainger

18th February 2019 - 4 stars. If you like your crime character driven with an absorbing plot, then you should enjoy the first in the DC Smith series, set in ...
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A Room Full of Killers

A Room Full of Killers by Michael Wood

14th February 2019 – 4 stars. I loved the first two books in the series. Outside Looking In was outstanding and my favourite read of 2018, making it a tough ...
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CXVI by Angie Smith

28th January 2019 – 4 stars. Suspend disbelief and prepare to be taken on a ride filled with twists and turns, humour and escapism. If like me, you enjoy conspiracy ...
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The Hermitage

The Hermitage by LJ Ross

27th January 2019 - 4 stars. I always enjoy the DCI Ryan stories because I love the main characters, the way they work together and the complex, usually original crimes ...
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The Lie by CL Taylor

The Lie by CL Taylor

8th January 2019 – 5 stars. I haven’t enjoyed a psychological thriller this much since I read Joy Fielding’s, See Jane Run, over 20 years ago. The breakdown of friendship ...
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The Body in the Dales

The Body in the Dales by JR Ellis

31st December 2018 – 4 stars I enjoyed The Body in the Dales, the first in a series featuring Yorkshire detective Jim Oldroyd. The gentle pace, the evocative setting of ...
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Revenge of the Hooded Claw

The Watson Letters Vol 4: The Revenge of the Hooded Claw by Colin Garrow

26th December 2018 – 5 stars. The best spoofs remain faithful to the concept of the original, while adding a new, often irreverent treatment. In this case, we have classic ...
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