Book reviews

Authors are readers too. Avid readers.

We also know what it’s like to write a book, so I only post reviews for books I finish. If a book’s not for me, I stop reading and move on.

At all times I aim to be constructive and fair, but it’s only my opinion. I no longer give ratings or stars, except on Amazon, Bookbub and Goodreads.

My tastes are almost exclusively crime fiction, though I venture beyond murders from time to time.

I hope the reviews will help you discover new authors and novels to enjoy.

The Darkest Lies by Barbara Copperthwaite

June 2017 4/5 stars. Filled with raw emotion, as you would expect, this is a harrowing story of lies and deceit, gradually peeled back until the truth emerges. Description A ...
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Echoes from Afar cover

Echoes from Afar by Tamara McKinley

May 2017 5/5 stars. Echoes From Afar is an epic tale, told with a confidence and mastery that engaged and surprised me from the first page to the last. Description ...
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Scared to Death cover

Scared to Death by Rachel Amphlett

November 2017 Description When the body of a snatched schoolgirl is found in an abandoned biosciences building, the case is first treated as a kidnapping gone wrong. But Detective Kay ...
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