Playing with Fire by Bill Kitson

Playing with Fire by Bill Kitson

16th July 2021.

Once again, detective Mike Nash has to deal with a big scale drama in a quiet part of rural Yorkshire. This time it’s double trouble. A convicted killer is about to be released and seems determined to return to his home despite death threats. Meanwhile, as local politicians increase racial tensions in the local community, an arsonist takes more direct action.

As both situations intensify, the call for more resources is rejected, leaving Mike and his small team to manage as best they can. Somehow they maintain their sanity and sense of humour as the body count rises. Mike even has time for a spot of romance as a local reporter comes to his aid.

As with the previous two novels in the series, the author piles on the suspicions, cranking up the tension and excitement, testing and stretching his characters to deliver complex crime fiction that lives on in the memory after the story finishes.

There’s so much happening on so many levels, that like Mike Nash you don’t have time to catch your breath

While you can read this novel on its own, it’s best to start with the first book in the series to get the full benefit. You’ll be itching to read the next in the series long before you finish the first.


Gary Vickers killed his lover’s daughter. There was overwhelming evidence of his guilt. He is now due for release from prison. Against all advice, he insists on returning to Helmsdale, where Detective Mike Nash must protect him.

But Nash has other, more pressing worries . . . With extremist politicians fanning racial hatred and provoking attacks on migrant workers, Nash has to prevent an explosive situation from boiling over into civil unrest.


Nash’s small team of detectives has little time to spare for convicted murderer Vickers. But as Nash becomes acquainted with the facts, doubts start to grow about Vickers’ conviction.

Proving him innocent will be difficult enough . . . but keeping him alive until they find the truth may well be impossible.

Playing with Fire by Bill Kitson

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