Over Her Dead Body by AB Morgan

18th January 2021.

Can you imagine waking up one day to discover you’re dead? Your bank account’s closed because you’ve been certified dead, but no one bothered to tell you. The bailiffs are at the door, your car has been impounded and your employers can’t pay your salary.

The premise was irresistible and though I didn’t know the author, I dived straight into this entertaining and enjoyable story that’s part psychological suspense and part private investigator. While the subject matter’s a little dark at times, it’s lightened by the characters and generous dashes of humour throughout.

Peddyr Quirk and his fabulous wife, Connie, the private investigators who take the case, are perfectly suited to Gabby Dixon’s unusual dilemma. With their help, she starts to find out who is doing this to her and why. As layers are peeled away, deep family issues and a teenage tragedy come to the surface. As more of the past is unlocked, the truth becomes more sinister than Gabby could ever have imagined.


Gabby Dixon is dead. That’s news to her…

Recently divorced and bereaved, Gabby Dixon is trying to start a new chapter in her life.

As her new life begins, it ends. On paper at least.

But Gabby is still very much alive. As a woman who likes to be in control, this situation is deeply unsettling.

She has two crucial questions: who would want her dead, and why?

Enter Peddyr and Connie Quirk, husband-and-wife private investigators. Gabby needs their help to find out who is behind her sudden death.

The truth is a lot more sinister than a simple case of stolen identity.

Over Her Dead Body by AB Morgan



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