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Fisher’s Fables

Fisher's Fables by Robert Crouch

Without Fisher’s Fables, Kent Fisher’s first murder mystery novel, No Accident, would never have been published in 2016.

The humorous blog that spoofed management was based on my experiences, but I let my creation, Kent Fisher, relate them. What started as a satirical swipe matured into a mini sitcom, populated by characters who would feature in the Kent Fisher murder mysteries.

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Amazon review:
‘This is a great book. It’s bone dry humour, wicked observations, and super storytelling.’

Alternatively, you can follow this link to purchase a copy from Amazon.

No Mystery

No Mystery

This companion guide to the Kent Fisher Murder Mysteries details the journey from idea to the release of No Accident.

It’s all there – the inspiration, the struggles and challenges.

Find out about the settings, the characters and the background that makes the books much more than murder mysteries.

No Mystery is currently being updated and will be available again shortly.