Other books

While most of my time and energy goes into the Kent Fisher murder mysteries, there are other books and projects.

Fisher’s Fables

Fisher's Fables by Robert Crouch

Without Fisher’s Fables, the humorous blog that ran between 2006 and 2014, I doubt whether No Accident would have made it into print.

It started with an interview on local radio about the public smoking ban that would introduced in 2007. Having read other people’s blogs, I thought the radio interview would make an interesting subject.

Only I didn’t want to write it under my real identity, so I gave the job to Kent Fisher, which led to the title and the blog. My friends and colleagues loved the blog, which spoofed management and all things environmental health. Even the Chief Executive liked it.

Over time, the blog matured from a fairly accurate satire to a full-blown sitcom with many of the characters that went on to appear in the Kent Fisher murder mysteries.

All the blogs are here in this collection in the order they were written. While it’s main aim was to entertain and make people laugh, you can learn more about the characters and relationships before you move onto No Accident, the first murder mystery in the series.

Amazon reviews

‘Very very funny. Give it a read. You will enjoy it.’
‘This is a great book. It’s bone dry humour, wicked observations, and super storytelling.’

Follow this link to purchase a copy from Amazon.

No Mystery

No Mystery

This companion guide to the Kent Fisher Murder Mysteries details the journey from idea to the release of No Accident.

It’s all there – the inspiration, the first story attempts, the struggles and challenges. For years, I couldn’t work out how Kent could solve the murder in No Accident.  I thought I’d written the perfect murder until Fisher Fables gave me new perspective.

Find out about the settings, the characters and the background that makes the books much more than murder mysteries.

No Mystery is currently being updated and is not available to purchase.

A Health Inspector Calls

When A Health Inspector Calls coverI guess you’d call these my memoirs from my time as an environmental health officer. The emphasis is on the more humorous and absurd jobs, events and situations I encountered.

Beginning with my student days in 1977, the stories reflect times when attitudes and behaviour were quite different from today – but people weren’t.  They’re unerring ability to say or do the wrong thing, often with hilarious consequences hasn’t diminished with time.

Unfortunately, the ability to play practical jokes and have fun was squashed by political correctness and health and safety.

Though still awaiting completion, I used to give this away for free to let people share some of the exploits that made my work as an environmental health officer endlessly entertaining – until management beckoned, when I fought back with Fisher’s Fables.