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18th May 2018

‘A strong plotted book that kept me turning those pages, in fact I finished it in only a couple of evenings. It’ certainly one I’ll be recommending and it had me picking up books 1 & 2 for my up coming holiday reads!’ says Nicola of Orchard Book Club on the final leg of the blog tour.

17th may 2018

‘I love this series. A completely different take on the thriller and mystery genre, and written by a man who doesn’t fall into cliché. I think this one is the best so far,’ says Kath Middleton at Ignite Books.

16th May 2018

‘No Remorse’ is an addictive read which you will find hard to put down,’ says Sonya Alford at A Lover of Books.

15th May 2018

‘This is a series I would recommend for those who like a sleuth style, whodunit murder mystery. It has a darker atmospheric feel, with a great sense of tension, suspense and drama. A Highly Recommended from me,’ says Yvonne at Me and My Books

14th May 2018

Guest post at Love Books Group

13th May 20188

‘No Remorse was a fun, well-written murder mystery. It reminds me of the old style murder mysteries which is a good thing! I love the characters, the mystery and Robert kept me guessing until the end. I’m looking forward to reading what Kent will solve next!’ says Katie at Katiesbookcavereviews.

12th may 2018

‘I really enjoyed the plot and I thought that the characters were really great, they have excellent characterisation and work so well together, it really brings the story to life and gave it an added edge for me,’ says Donna at Donnasbookblog

11th May 2018

‘No Remorse has enough intrigue to keep you hooked from start to finish. This is a thoroughly entertaining, well-paced story with fun and well-developed characters, a healthy dose of humour and even a few sad moments,’ says Eva of Novel Deelights.

10th May 2018

‘The mystery is an engrossing puzzle with some intriguing twists and a real sense of danger.’ says Karen Cole at Hair Past a Freckle

9th May 2018

Privileged to be featured by LJ Ross on her Author Introductions blog. As anyone who checks my reviews page knows, I love her DCI Ryan books. Click on the link above to check out the interview.

9th May 2018

‘One thing that I particularly enjoy about this series is the humour. If you’re looking for a light hearted and entertaining mystery with deaths and danger aplenty then check out this series,’ says Karen Cocking of My Reading Corner

8th May 2018

‘This book is a brilliant read,’ says, Simon Leonard of Black Books Blog.

7th May 2018

‘Dear BBC, please make these into a top quality drama,’ says Susan Corcoran in her review of No Remorse