No Love Lost

Kent Fisher Mystery #6

This time it’s personal.

No Love Lost by Robert Crouch

When Mandy Paige asks Kent Fisher’s to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby, he has no idea of the mayhem this will unleash. With only a photograph of a woman he once knew, he discovers she left her office one Friday afternoon twenty years ago and never returned.

Did Helen Cassidy escape an abusive husband or was she abducted and murdered?

People connected to Helen begin to die in mysterious circumstances. An old foe returns, leaving cryptic messages on the windscreen of Kent’s car, taunting the sleuth, attacking those who can help him solve the mystery.

When the main suspect dies, Kent realises he’s not the one pursuing the killer. The killer’s pursuing him.

No Love Lost is the sixth in a series of intriguing murder mystery novels featuring Kent Fisher. With contemporary themes and irreverent humour, the series brings a fresh voice to the classic whodunit.

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