No Bodies

Kent Fisher Mystery #2
Nothing to find. Everything to lose.

No Bodies

Local councillor and family friend, Colonel Witherington, refuses to accept his wife ran off with a crooked caterer. Though reluctant to get involved, Kent Fisher becomes curious when he discovers she left her most valued possessions behind.

Though the trail went cold over a year ago, he discovers a second missing woman linked to the caterer. When a third missing wife comes to light, Kent suspects a serial killer is on the loose.

But as he homes in on the killer, disaster strikes. A young girl fights for her life after a visit to his animal sanctuary, threatening to destroy all he’s accomplished.

Can Kent drag himself from the brink of ruin to catch a killer that threatens to strike one final time?

No Bodies is the second in a series of intriguing murder mystery novels featuring Kent Fisher. With contemporary themes and irreverent humour, the series brings a fresh voice to the classic whodunit.

‘Robert Crouch has brought both a fresh voice and a new twist to conventional crime drama.’
Alaric Bond.

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