No Accident

Kent Fisher Mystery #1
A perfect murder. An imperfect investigator.

No Accident by Robert Crouch

Would you investigate if you discovered a murder?

When a body is found slumped over some machinery within Tombstone Adventure Park in the peaceful Sussex countryside, it looks like a tragic work accident. Only nothing connected with the park’s playboy owner and entrepreneur is straightforward.

Environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, who fought tooth and nail to stop the park being built, breaches a restraining order to investigate the accident. When his investigation is thwarted at every turn, he uncovers a sinister plot that reaches way beyond the adventure park.

Faced with a murder he can’t prove and a conspiracy that could destroy those he loves, can Kent hold his nerve to confront a killer, who seems to know his every move?

‘With a writing style that includes witty one-liners and precise plotting, he weaves a mystery that can match any of our best thriller writers.’ Colin Garrow, author.

Can Kent overcome the odds to find justice for the victim?

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