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The Kent Fisher mystery series

No Accident#1 No Accident.
Nothing happens by accident.

A murder disguised as an accident. Only Kent Fisher can solve the case, but at what cost?


No Bodies#2 No Bodies
No motive. No connection.

A missing wife. A crooked caterer. A recipe for love or murder?



No Remorse#3 No Remorse
Old sins cast long shadows.

An old man dead. Dementia or murder? Threats won’t stop Kent Fisher from finding out.


#4 No More Lies
Is blood thicker than murder?

When Detective Inspector Ashley Goodman enlists Kent Fisher’s help with a ten year old murder, he gets more than he bargained for.


No Mercy by Robert Crouch#5 No Mercy
Would you kill if justice failed you?

Derek Forster, couldn’t go on after the death of his wife. Even though he had a secret lover, he took his own life. Or did he?


#6 No Love Lost
This time it’s personal.

When Mandy Paige arrives at Kent Fisher’s animal sanctuary, death isn’t far behind.



Books featuring Kent Fisher

No MysteryFisher's Fables by Robert Crouch