Murder on the Cliff by Jane Adams

Muder on the Cliff by Jane Adms

14th July 2022.

After loving Murder at Sea, the first book in the series, I was delighted to be back with Mac, Rina and the eclectic tribe of guests at her guest house. This time, the plot’s more complex, involving a ruthless extortionist, who’s not averse to killing the children of his victims if the parents don’t pay up.

Not that DI Mac McGregor understands this straight away. He’s trying to put a name to the body that washed up on shore. Then one of the victim’s parents is shot dead and the whole investigation moves up a notch.

There’s still plenty for Rina to do as she’s drawn into the puzzle and can’t help fitting pieces into place. Her insight, empathy and understanding add a caring, softer counterpoint to the killings and crimes under investigation.

This softer core is one of the reasons I enjoy these novels. The characters are believable and charismatic. The plot is a great thriller as the police play catch up with the killers, relying on Rina to help them out along the way. She takes it all in her stride, being the great character she is.

If you like your cosy mysteries without the twee village elements of the genre, then this series is for you. It has emotion, great characters, a twisting plot and a core of honesty that doesn’t pull punches nor expose you to anything graphic, despite the dark nature of the crimes.


Meet Rina Martin, a retired actress with a taste for tea, gardening and crime solving.

She played a TV sleuth for years, but now she has to do it for real.

It’s lonely out on the cliffs of Marlborough Head. Lonely and dangerous.

When a body washes up on the rocks below, everyone assumes it must be brutish Edward Parker. Weeks ago, he slipped over the cliff’s edge. Never to be seen again.

But on closer inspection, it’s not him.

The dead man is Pat Duggan, son of a wealthy nightclub owner. And it’s not the sea that killed him — it’s a gunshot wound.

In life, Pat had a habit of disappearing. He worked for his father, alongside missing Edward Parker.

Coincidence? Rina and her unlikely new detective friend don’t think so . . .

Can she unravel the mystery before more innocent victims die?

Muder on the Cliff by Jane Adms

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