Murder of the Bride by Faith Martin

Murder of the Bride by Faith Martin

11th February 2021.

Having read and enjoyed the first two novels in the Hillary Greene series, I was looking forward to another entertaining murder investigation. I wasn’t disappointed.

It begins when a woman in a wedding dress is found strangled in a cow shed on a farm. It isn’t long before Hillary’s piecing together the woman’s eventful life and the impact she has on many of the locals at the party they were all attending. A lot of the people are not who they seem to be, increasing the list of suspects.

Alongside the investigation, the relationships and interplay between the main team members are a joy to watch, strengthening the characters and offering plenty of conflict and challenges. There’s a healthy streak of humour running alongside the egos and sexual tensions in the squad.

Hillary has her own problems to resolve, thanks to her now deceased husband, who was a crooked cop. She lives on a narrow boat, has no love life to speak of, and an animal welfare organisation wants to take the former marital home from her.

While the investigation may be frustrating, there’s always plenty going on. The stories have improved with each book. The various backstories continue to provide additional conflict as well as entertaining distraction. The characters are now established, bringing additional depth to the novel. Combined, they produce an entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m already looking forward to reading the next in the series.


DI Hillary Greene is called out to attend a suspicious death at Three Oaks Farm in the picturesque village of Steeple Barton.

The large farmhouse is filled with music and revellers, but when she steps into the farm’s large cowshed, Hillary finds a dead bride. Dressed in a sumptuous white wedding gown, the young, beautiful redhead had clearly been strangled.

But not everything is what it seems, and the victim turns out to be at the centre of a web of jealousy and intrigue in the close-knit village. Many of the villagers have a motive for murdering her but they’re not giving up their secrets easily.

Can Hillary discover the real reason for this brutal crime and cope with the spiralling revelations about her dead ex-husband?

Murder of the Bride by Faith Martin

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