Murder of a Gentleman by Pippa McCaithie

Murder of a Gentleman by Pippa McCaithie

DCI Matt Lambert and his partner, Fabia Harvard, are thrust into another murder investigation when a celebrity film writer and director is found dead on the ground below a second floor window. Did he fall or was he pushed?

As he was writing a no holds barred autobiography that would upset many people, there’s no shortage of suspects when the evidence and pathology reveal he was murdered. As Fabia was a close friend, she’s involved in the ensuing investigation once again.

With tensions high and progress painstaking, it becomes a bit of a slog until Fabia makes a possible breakthrough. Though Matt has his doubts, events soon snowball into a thrilling climax.

Once again, the familiar characters move the investigation and backstory along, keeping the suspense high. With a new chief superintendent to contend with and issues at home, Matt has his hands full and doesn’t always get things right, adding to the drama.

It’s another enjoyable and entertaining entry in a compelling series I’ve followed from the start.


Charming film writer and director Geraint Denbigh is found lifeless in the garden of his Welsh home. It looks like he fell from a window, but eagle-eyed Detective Chief Inspector Matt Lambert soon finds irregularities in the crime scene. Before long he determines it was murder.

Recently retired, the victim was writing about his eventful life and many of his former colleagues and associates could have had reason to stop him before he spilled the beans on their transgressions.

Lambert’s girlfriend and ex-boss, Fabia Havard, knew Denbigh and decides to help from the sidelines. Will they manage to single out the person with most to gain by the gentleman’s disappearance? Or have they both been led up the garden path?

Find out in this truly gripping classic whodunnit-style murder mystery staged in a beautiful rural Welsh setting, painted by the author with masterful strokes.

Murder of a Gentleman by Pippa McCaithie

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