Murder in the Meadow by Faith Martin

Murder in the Meadow by Faith Martin

13th July 2021.

With big changes to the team, including a fast track detective sergeant with her own agenda, Detective Inspector Hillary Greene has enough on her plate before a body is found by the river. Wayne Sutton, an artist and gigolo, was battered to death and the list of suspects is large.

With one eye on the investigation and the other on Detective Sergeant Gemma Fordham, DI Greene sets about another complex and entertaining investigation.

The interplay between the characters and the issues in the backstory, including Hillary’s love life and troubles inherited from her former husband turned crook, Ronnie, help make the series entertaining and compelling to read. The murder mystery elements are always first rate and the humour and troubles Hillary negotiates have made this series into a favourite of mine.

I’d recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through the books to get the most from the characters and backstory. You’ll also be rewarded with some cracking murder investigations.


Wayne Sutton is found dead by a stream in a beautiful meadow. His head has been bashed in and a red paper heart left on his body. The handsome young artist had a reputation as a ladies’ man.

DI Hillary Greene discovers that many wealthy married women were buying his paintings and taking ‘private’ art lesson from him. It appears that several of them might have wanted him dead.

Hillary also has a new detective sergeant, Gemma Fordham. Seemingly efficient and pleasant, she harbours a secret agenda.

Can Hillary get to the bottom of a complex case involving jealousy, love, and cold-blooded murder?

Murder in the Meadow by Faith Martin

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