Murder in the Mansion by Faith Martin

Murder in the Mansion by Faith Martin

2nd August 2021.

What joy to be back in Kidlington and in the company of DI Hillary Greene and her team. Okay, there’s a sniper shooting police officers in the county, making everyone wary, but otherwise it’s business as usual.

In this case it’s the brutal stabbing of Mattie Jones in the hall of her upmarket home. Investigations soon reveal she upset or antagonised most of the people she met, including a bitter sister with a grudge. It also means plenty of suspects for the team to interview.

There are also the usual conflicts and issues within the team. Fast track Gemma has her eye on a fortune salted away by Hillary’s former husband. Keith Barrington’s worried his lifestyle choices will become public knowledge. Then there’s Hillary’s friend and superintendent, Mellow Mel, who’s watching a court case fall to pieces on a technicality.

It’s this backstory, with its twists, turns and humour, which adds an entertaining dimension to the novels. The investigation has all the twists you’d expect but is overshadowed by the failing court case. Even the capture of the sniper fails to provide more than a brief respite.

It all adds up to an exciting climax with a jaw dropping ending.

What more could you wish for?


Mattie Jones is found brutally stabbed to death in her palatial home. Hillary Greene is called in to investigate the murder of this wealthy woman. Who wanted her dead and why?

Hillary discovers that Mattie’s snobby attitude had made her many enemies. Mattie was also going through a messy divorce and had a secret lover.

Meanwhile, in a terrifying turn of events, police officers are being gunned down outside their stations. A sniper is on the loose. Who will come under attack next?

Can Hillary cope with the enemies within, a complex case, and the whole force under attack?

Murder in the Mansion by Faith Martin

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