Murder in the Garden by Faith Martin

Murder in the Garden by Faith Martin

23rd August2021.

In the ninth outing for Hillary Greene, she’s got two investigations on the go. After two months compassionate leave following the murder of her boss and friend, she returns to find there’s no progress with the investigation. There’s worse to come as his pregnant widow seeks revenge and threatens to destroy the career she’s built.

But there’s no rest for Hillary when Edward Philpott is found murdered in his garden. She throws herself into this enquiry even though she’s not at her best. From here on in, things get complicated as she tries to juggle two investigations, putting her own career on the line.

It’s another enjoyable and thrilling mix of everything that’s good about this series. The murders are complex and intriguing, but it’s the characters and the backstory that demand attention in this novel. There’s a new boss with an axe to grind and a new DS with her eyes on more than Hillary’s job.

Then there’s the murder of her old boss. The killer seems to have got away with it, but Hillary can’t accept that, even though she’s not allowed to get involved in the investigation. As she treads a difficult tightrope, the killer threatens to strike again with another police officer in his sights.

The tension is expertly maintained as the investigations develop with more than a few surprises and heart stopping moments, making this one of the best books so far in the series.

I love this series.


Edward Philpott is found bludgeoned to death with his own spade in his beautiful garden. He lived with his daughter Rachel and his two grandchildren.

Hillary’s only lead is a rival from the village flower show who used to argue with the victim about the size of their vegetables. But what dark secrets from the past and present does this village hold?

Hillary has returned to work after the slaying of her boss and is desperate to track down his murderer. His pregnant widow is even more determined to get revenge, but will she go too far?

Can Hillary cope with two complex investigations full of extreme emotions, one of which is very close to home?

Murder in the Garden by Faith Martin

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