Murder in Kentish Town by Sabina Manea

Murder in Kentish Town by Sabin Manea

27th July 2022.

I’m always on the lookout for new authors and series to read as there is rather a lot of formulaic crime fiction out there. It took me a while to get into the story and the character of Lucia Steer, but it was well worth the effort. She’s sharp, intelligent, elegant, witty and commanding, which makes this an enjoyable and intriguing mystery that’s lifted by the main characters and their sparky relationship.

It’s also good to see a different approach to the police procedural, combining a civilian investigator with a hardened detective inspector. The suspicious nature of the death and the colourful cast of potential suspects makes for an entertaining investigation that kept me intrigued and  turning the pages. The underlying sexual tension between the two main characters was a delightful bonus that only added to my enjoyment.

While this is the third book in the Lucia Steer London Murder Mysteries series, it worked fine as a standalone, though I plan to go back to the beginning to enjoy more of Lucia’s sharp mind, wit, and incisive attitude.

It’s not your typical cosy mystery, which I consider an advantage, but it’s at that end of the crime market. So if you enjoy great characters with a compelling murder mystery that offers something a little different from the usual, this could be for you.


A murder disguised as suicide presents a challenge for a sharp investigator.

When London police come across the body of a young woman, dead in her bathtub, it looks like a classic case of suicide.

However, for deft civilian investigator Lucia Steer, something about the scene raises suspicions. Sure, the woman, Genevieve Taylor, was lonely and overworked, but Lucia is convinced there is a more sinister explanation.

As a young associate in a law firm that helps fraudsters escape justice, Genevieve may have been the victim of an old client with an axe to grind.

Or could one of the eccentric members of the literary club she frequented have put an end to her promising life?

With multiple suspects in the frame Lucia, herself an ex-lawyer, must cut through veils of secrecy to catch a killer.

Murder in Kentish Town by Sabin Manea

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