Murder by Fire by Faith Martin

18th November 2021.

In this tenth outing in the series, DI Hillary Greene has more than a puzzling murder to contend with. But that’s the joy of this series – there’s always plenty of conflict and challenge in the backstory. This time, it’s the members of her team posing the problems.

When David Merchant’s badly burned body is discovered in his back garden, it’s evident he was murdered first. A Christian man with strong convictions, he upset a lot of the people he met with his views and beliefs. But why would anyone want to kill him?

The lack of a clear motive leaves the team with a struggle on their hands. Meanwhile, Barrington has relationship problems that are taking his mind off the investigation. David Chang, a bright new recruit to the team is targeted by a local gang. Then there’s Janine, who’s just given birth, dealing with an internal investigation into her conduct.

And if that’s not enough to distract Hillary, her superintendent, Brian Vane, still has a grudge to settle with her.

Many of the issues are resolved, some at a personal cost to Hillary. But true to form, she finds the missing link that enables her to solve Merchant’s murder. All she has to do now is solve her own problems.

I love the characters, the interplay between them and the way their conflicts and challenges are woven into the murder investigation. At times, the problems facing the characters seem to eclipse the murder investigation, but that’s the strength of these novels.

Looking forward to Hillary’s eleventh adventure, especially after the surprise ending to this one.


David Merchant’s body is found in a bonfire in his back garden. David was a publisher and devout Christian. Who would want to kill this seemingly very decent man?

DI Hillary Greene faces one of her most puzzling cases as she struggles to find anyone with a strong motive to kill the pious publisher.

Then, as Hillary unearths greedy business partners and an estranged son, her focus is diverted when a new team member is targeted by a vicious gang.

Hillary’s under massive pressure and will she finally crack? And if she does, where will she go from here?

Murder by Fire by Faith Martin

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