Murder at the University by Faith Martin

Murder at the University by Faith Martin

10th October 2020.    4 stars.

The second DI Hilary Greene novel starts with the mysterious death of a French university student in Oxford. It takes a while to uncover the secret life she was leading, giving the investigation new impetus.

Meanwhile, Hilary has her own battles to fight, thanks to her husband’s corruption, which has cast a shadow over her career and blighted her life since his death. An animal rights charity is suing her, determined to take the marital home from her. And then there’s her non-existent love life and the attentions of two fellow officers.

The author cleverly weaves the personal lives of Hilary and her colleagues into the murder investigation, which has repercussions in several areas, leading to a good crop of suspects and motives. The pace is gentle, the characters well drawn and engaging, and there’s a delicious sense of fun about Hilary that adds another dimension to the story.

The characters and relationships feel more rounded in this second outing, providing this cosy mystery/police procedural with a solid, entertaining backbone.


A pretty French student is found dead in her room at an exclusive Oxford college. Everyone thinks it is another tragic case of accidental drug overdose.

But Detective Hillary Greene has a nose for the truth. She quickly discovers that the student was involved in some very unusual activities.

With a shocking cause of death found, the case becomes a high-profile murder investigation.

Adding to the pressure, Hillary’s nemesis is transferred to work with her at the station.

Can Hillary keep her cool and get justice for the unfortunate student?

Murder at the University by Faith Martin

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