Ministry of Murder by BL Faulkner

Ministry of Murder

12th October 2019. 5 stars.

This is third book in the series I’ve read and the most enjoyable yet. Like the previous books, the no-nonsense approach produces a direct story that’s easy to follow. The energetic pace, strong believable characters and humorous touches produce an entertaining and gripping story.

But unlike the previous two books in the series, where there is no let-up in the pace of the story, this one had moments where I could catch my breath and get ready for the next surge forward. These moments allowed me to get to know the characters better and gave the story a better balance, I thought.

The plot was topical, dealing with dodgy pharmaceutical suppliers that made money out of the NHS, with a little help from corrupt establishment officials. The pursuit of the criminals by DCS Palmer and his small, but elite squad was relentless. The result was a terrific, highly enjoyable story that kept me turning the pages to an exciting and satisfying climax.

I particularly enjoyed the interplay between the main characters and the topical theme, which offered some interesting insights into the establishment and how simple it often is to corrupt.

Highly recommended.


The Met’s Serial Murder Squad investigates the unusual deaths of three staff working at the Ministry of Health Drug Procurement department. Are all three deaths from natural causes or had the deceased stumbled on something that senior management and the pompous head of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee in the House of Commons want to hide away at any cost, even murder? How does a Romanian drugs company fit into the jigsaw and can Palmer and the team uncover the facts before more deaths occur? DCS Palmer needs hard evidence to convince his boss that there is a serial killing going on so the team start to dig and are surprised at what they find

Ministry of Murder

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