Married Lies by Chris Collet

Married Lies by Chris Collett

24th February 2021.

I’ve enjoyed all the Tom Mariner books so far, but this one is my favourite. Maybe it’s because his relationship issues are not so prominent in this story, though they’re never too far away. It was also interesting to see an investigation into stalking, bearing in mind the story is set at the start of the millennium, when attitudes were changing.

There’s also a gruesome death to investigate. Nina Silvero is the widow of a former police detective with a chequered past and death. This connection, and the nature of his widow’s death, lifts the investigation up several notches. Not so, the stalking case, where the victim, Lucy Jarrett, wavers between fear and wondering if her imagination’s playing games with her.

Both investigations soon become bogged down as progress is slow and painstaking. Then a partial fingerprint on a wine bottle leads to a promising suspect, who may also have a connection the Lucy Jarrett’s stalking.

There’s good interplay within the team and even time for Mariner to make a fool of himself, helping to lighten the mix a little. The story moves along at a steady pace, picking up speed as more suspects are drawn into the investigation. A spark of inspiration has Mariner confronting the killer in a restrained climax with a kick in the tail.

Another enjoyable story in an engaging series, where the main characters continue to develop and show their frailties. It all adds to the backstory and my continued reading pleasure.

I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series.


Lucy Jarrett is terrified. Someone is watching her every move, following her home from work and making threatening phone calls. But her husband doesn’t believe her and no one else is listening.

Lucy’s married life is proving anything but blissful. Her musician husband is perpetually away on tour and doesn’t want to start a family.

Lucy finally calls on Detective Tom Mariner for help, and he takes her fears seriously because of the recent murder of another young woman by her ex-partner.

DI Mariner himself is already on the hunt for a sadistic killer. Nina Silvero, wife of an ex-police officer, was duped into sipping sulphuric acid disguised as celebratory wine.

Grappling with Nina’s apparently motiveless killing, Mariner delegates Lucy’s case to Millie Khatoon. Is someone out for revenge against the police?

Can DI Tom Mariner track down the stalker and catch the killer before anyone else dies?

Married Lies by Chris Collett

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