Killer Lies by Chris Collett


Killer Lies by Chris Collett

3rd November 2020.

It all gets personal in this third outing for Tom Mariner. Faced with problems in his relationship, an explosion that could have killed him and a killing that’s a little closer to home than he first realises, he takes some time off duty to get to the truth of some family issues.

His determination to discover the truth leads him on a personal mission that could also hold the key to a murder. Unfortunately, there were so many characters involved, I was never quite sure who was who, which spoiled my enjoyment. The pace also slowed before picking up once more as the climax approached.

While it all made sense in the end, it would have helped if the author placed a few character reminders here and there, instead of relying on their first names.

While this was more of a personal story than a police procedural, it remains an interesting addition to the series. I’m interested to find out how Mariner will develop and deal with the issues in the next book.


Just when DI Tom Mariner seems to be settling down with his new girlfriend . . . everything kicks off.

First, a badly decomposed body of a young woman is found in a Birmingham sewer. The police can’t identify her and dub her “Madeleine.”

Then an important politician and his wife are shot on an isolated road. “Vengeance is mine” is scrawled in blood at the scene.

And finally, a bomb explosion in the busy city kills five people, causing chaos and panic.

Can Detective Mariner and his team get to the bottom of crimes that will come very close to home for him and his team?

Mariner will need to bend the rules and risk everything to get to the truth. And in a thrilling conclusion, his own life will be threatened.

Killer Lies by Chris Collett


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