The Kent Fisher Murder Mysteries


No Going Back by Robert CrouchNo Going Back
What you don’t do will torment you.

When two reporters die in quick succession, Kent Fisher believes there’s a killer with unfinished business. But it takes him too long to realise the killer wants to be discovered.

Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #7



No Love Lost
This time it’s personal.

When Mandy Paige asks Kent Fisher to find her mother, he has no idea of the mayhem he’s about to unleash. As people around him start dying, he realises he’s not the one hunting the killer – the killer’s hunting him.

Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #6


No Mercy by Robert CrouchNo Mercy
When justice fails, can murder succeed?

Three unconnected men have died. When Kent Fisher becomes the prime suspect for the murder of one of them, he suspects their deaths are connected. Unfortunately, not only is Kent the connection, he’s the next victim.

Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #5


No More Lies
Is blood thicker than murder?

When the police enlist Kent Fisher’s help with a cold case, he finds himself caught between an ambitious detective inspector and a baffling murder. But who can you trust when everyone has something to hide?

Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #4


No Remorse

No Remorse
Old sins cast long shadows

Was an old man with dementia killed to prevent him revealing secrets from his shocking past? When he leaves behind a mysterious code, Kent Fisher risks his life to uncover a truth that’s remained buried for decades.

Kent Fisher murder mystery #3


No Bodies

No Bodies
Nothing to find. Everything to lose.

Three wives are missing, but the police don’t suspect foul play. Undaunted, environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, finds a connection that suggests a serial killer is on the loose and ready to strike a final time.

Kent Fisher murder mystery #2


No Accident

No Accident
A perfect murder. An imperfect investigator.

Someone committed the perfect murder. As it looks like a work accident, the police pass the investigation to tenacious environmental health officer, Kent Fisher. He takes over, unaware of what he’s about to uncover.

Will he risk everything he holds dear to solve the murder?

Kent Fisher murder mystery #1