I’m with the Band by BL Faulkner

I'm with the Band by BL Faulkner

25th June 2021.

In this sixth outing for the serial murder squad, DCS Palmer immerses himself in the world of rock music, namely a band whose members are being killed off one by one. This is the assertion of the band’s manager, who soon finds himself on the mortuary table.

This is the cue for Palmer, Gheeta and Claire to swing into action, investigating the deaths of previous band members. With only one member of the band left alive, they must also protect him from a killer who shuns the shadows to lay down a challenge to Palmer.

In common with the other books in the series, this is another fast-paced thriller with an original premise, a twisting plot and an adrenaline fuelled climax at the NEC in Birmingham. There’s plenty of witty banter among the team, humour from Palmer’s battles with neighbour, Benji, and great writing throughout. I simply breezed through the story, enjoying every moment.

Whether you read the books in order or as stand alones, this is an excellent and hugely enjoyable series.


A worried Rock Band manager asks for help when his band members appear to be being murdered one by one. Palmer is sceptical until the manager himself is killed. The trail leads the team into the band’s past and the many people who could harbour a long held grudge. It’s a needle in a haystack job checking them all until the killer shows himself on Facebook and defies Palmer to find him before the last band member is murdered. As usual B.L.Faulkner knows the business he is writing about and takes the reader on a fast paced thriller to the explosive end at a major NEC concert. And even then his signature ‘twist in the tail’ catches you unawares.

I'm with the Band by BL Faulkner

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