Hard Fall by Phil Reade


Hard Fall

28th February 2019 – 3 stars.

The author’s narrated style attracted me to try the book and kept me turning the pages as the story slowly unfolded among the dark, rain swept streets of London.

Blume’s another ex-cop, this time from New Yerk, with a recent tragedy, in this case the death of his wife and son in London. This has led to him drinking excessively and feeling sorry for himself, which doesn’t endear him to readers who like a strong lead character. Blume eventually gets his act together, but the damage is done by then.

He didn’t seem to do a great deal of detective work either, relying on someone’s computer skills to get the information he needed.

What started out full of promise became a rather pedestrian story that kept me interested, but didn’t lift the spirits.


An ex-cop with a past. A case police couldn’t solve. One chance at redemption…

Ex-New York detective Thomas Blume hunts the streets of London for the killers that tore his family apart. For justice, for closure, for revenge.

But when Blume stumbles across a case that baffled local police, he unwittingly joins a world of criminals, corruption, and cops that will do anything to stop him.

Now, in a country he doesn’t understand and a city stacked against him, Blume must fight to expose the truth… before it’s too late.

Hard Fall

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