Following- A Marketing Guide to Author Platform


16th July 2020.   5 stars.

This free guide to building and developing an author platform is a must read for any independent author, trying to build their brand and improve visibility on a busy internet. Like all of David Gaughran’s work, it’s well-written and presented, filled with valuable advice, insights and guidance, which is always straight to the point.

If you like no-nonsense advice from someone who knows, grab a copy of this excellent guide.


From the author of Let’s Get Digital and Amazon Decoded comes a fresh, new approach to platform-building.

This short, free guide breaks down what an author platform is, exactly, and what it should contain—and what you can safely skip, so you can focus on writing more books. Authors are told to “build a platform,” or “get their name out there”—advice which is vague as it is useless.

Following will show you precisely how to build your author platform, walking you through every step involved so that you can build a real platform, a proper, sustainable readership, and build a career as a writer.


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