Don’t Turn your Back on the Ocean by Janet Dawson

Don't Turn your back on the Ocean by Janet Dawson

13th May 2021.

You’re always guaranteed something different and intriguing with private investigator, Jeri Howard. In this case her investigation has an environmental theme. While on holiday in Monterey, she’s asked to help find someone who’s mutilating pelicans.  Then her cousin, Bobby, becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his lover. And if that’s not enough to keep Jeri occupied, someone’s trying to destroy her mother’s restaurant business with acts of sabotage.

Are all three issues linked or nothing more than coincidence?

Naturally, Jeri focuses on the murder, crossing swords with the local police in the process. Though warned off, she continues to probe and dig, uncovering a growing list of murder suspects with good motives and means. Jeri’s investigation certainly reveals the divisions with the otherwise peaceful Monterey community.

As the case grows bigger, Jeri seeks help from former employer and mentor, Errol, who still has plenty to offer, despite retiring as a private investigator. With him on board, the investigation gains traction until Jeri homes in on the killer for an exciting chase climax.

And yes, there are links to the pelican mutilation and restaurant sabotage, rounding off the investigation nicely.

It’s another detailed, meticulous investigation that reveals Jeri Howard’s determination and guts, alongside her family loyalties and fragilities. It all adds to the depth of the characters and story, leading to a more satisfying read.



A dead body on the beach, most likely.

In this riveting fourth mystery in the Jeri Howard Private Investigator Series, Janet Dawson takes readers on a road trip down the California coast to Monterey, where Jeri is looking to catch a respite from the PI life to relax and visit family. Easier said than done. From the first moment of her arrival in the quiet seaside town, nothing is as it seems.

First, some maniac is mutilating brown pelicans on Monterey Bay. Jeri’s cousin, Donna, who works for the Department of Fish and Game, wants Jeri all over the case. And another one too–something even more sinister that went down only miles from Monterey. And Jeri’s other cousin, Bobby, is the prime suspect.

A local fisherman and erratic alcoholic, Bobby is getting into deep water. His girlfriend went missing after the couple had an altercation at a bar up the coast. When a woman’s body washes ashore, it seems to the local cops that Bobby’s involved in both cases.

Suddenly Monterey Bay’s picturesque waters have become a dark and overpowering force for the vacationing detective and her family. The whole town’s awash in secrets, but answers are in as short supply as healthy pelicans. The only thing Jeri knows for sure? Don’t ever turn your back on the ocean.

Don't Turn your back on the Ocean by Janet Dawson

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