Don't Say A Word Barbara Freethy

18th May 2019. 5 stars.

From time to time I like to try something different from my usual read. My wife thought I would enjoy this author’s writing and story and she was absolutely right.

It starts with an old photograph that begins a journey into the past for the truth. I love this formula where ordinary people are driven, despite the resistance of those close to them, to leave no stone unturned, plunging themselves into unknown territory and danger.

Okay, the romance element was rather predictable (and probably expected), but the characters were engaging and believable, driving the story along, uncovering secrets and lies at every turn. The plot contained enough twists and surprises to keep me turning the pages, and the writing quality was excellent, creating a totally believable world and plot.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who likes a novel with adventure, suspense and some romance.


Everything she’s been told about her past is a lie …

Julie De Marco is planning a perfect San Francisco wedding when she comes face-to-face with a famous photograph, the startling image of a little girl behind the iron gate of a foreign orphanage—a girl who looks exactly like her. But Julia isn’t an orphan. She isn’t adopted. And she’s never been out of the country. She knows who she is—or does she?

Haunted by uncertainty, Julia sets off on a dangerous search for her true identity—her only clues a swan necklace and an old Russian doll, her only ally daring, sexy photographer Alex Manning. Suddenly nothing is as it seems. The people Julia loved and trusted become suspicious strangers. The relationships she believed in—with her mother, her sister, and her fiance—are shaken by new revelations. The only person she can trust is Alex, but he has secrets of his own. Each step brings her closer to a mysterious past that began a world away—a past that still has the power to threaten her life … and change her future forever.

Don't Say A Word Barbara Freethy

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