Denial of Credit by Peter Rowlands

Denial of Credit by Peter Rowlands

16th June 2022.

In another convoluted story journalist Mike Stanhope finds himself up to his ears in more mystery, intrigue and heart-stopping moments. He’s asked to replace a missing ghost writer to complete the autobiography of Alan Treadwell, an ironically named public figure.

Naturally, Mike wants to know what happened to the previous writer. His curiosity gets him into more scrapes than he could ever have imagined as he travels the length and breadth of England to investigate. Meanwhile, back in Cornwall, his relationship with Ashley seems unable to take the strain of his frequent travels, especially when he meets Sam while working with Treadwell.

Mike’s an entertaining character with a cynical sense of humour that keeps him going when the bad guys try to thwart his enquiries. The story’s complex, convoluted and filled with enough drama and tension to satisfy the most demanding mystery readers, which includes me.

If you enjoy something a little different and complex, filled with characters you root for, look no further than this excellent series.


When a noted public figure invites journalist Mike Stanhope to ghost-write his autobiography, Mike jumps at it. He can use the money, and his life needs a new direction. But he quickly realises that Alan Treadwell is a tough and unforgiving taskmaster, with strange ideas about how his book should be tackled.

Frustration changes to concern as Mike discovers things about Treadwell’s life that he’d rather not know: things, moreover, that someone else also seems keen to keep quiet. Mike hopes he’ll learn more from Joe, the original writer he’s been recruited to replace, but worryingly, Joe is nowhere to be found.

As Mike tries to piece together Treadwell’s complex history, his hard-won relationship with his girlfriend is faltering, and his repeated absences don’t help. When the prospect of an appealing new involvement beckons, Mike’s loyalties are torn and his integrity is on the line. With everything at stake, the action builds to an explosive climax as Mike finally understands what he’s stumbled into.

The taut narrative and tight plotting of this fast-paced book mark it out as much more than just a sequel to its two predecessors, Alternative Outcome and Deficit of Diligence. It works in its own right as a compelling stand-alone mystery, delivering an intricate story line, vivid characters and dialogue, and a steady build-up to its dramatic conclusion.

Denial of Credit by Peter Rowlands

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