Death under the Dryer by Simon Brett

Death under the Dryer by Simon Brett

1st August 2021.

When Carole Sedden visits the local hairdresser, she gets more than a trim. Finding the body of Kyra, an assistant at the premises, triggers another investigation for her and her neighbour Jude in the Fethering series.

Kyra’s boyfriend Nathan has disappeared,  but his family seem unconcerned. Then again, they’re an eccentric bunch with their own rules and idiosyncrasies. Further suspects, including the hairdresser, her ex-husband and his new wife, provide Carole and Jude with plenty of opportunities to nose around and make a nuisance of themselves as they sleuth in their usual inimitable style.

All the elements of the previous stories are here – the chalk and cheese relationship between Carole and Jude, the middle class foibles the author loves to mock and a whole host of memorable characters to add to the gentle humour that underpins the stories.

While the Locke family’s eccentricities seem a little far-fetched, the story and resolution are still great fun and intriguing at the same time.


The last thing Carole expects when she goes to Connie’s Clip Joint for a trim is to find the body of Kyra, Connie’s assistant, in the back room.

Kyra’s boyfriend, Nathan, has vanished, but his family, an eccentric, controlling bunch, don’t seem overly concerned. Instead, they are bizarrely obsessed with a family board game which seems to provide a host of clues as to Nathan’s whereabouts.

Carole and her neighbour Jude are determined to unravel the clues, but can they discover the truth before either someone is falsely accused or the killer makes a second move? And how many haircuts can a pair of middle-aged sleuths have before people start to become suspicious?

Death under the Dryer by Simon Brett

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