Dead of Night by Cheryl Bradshaw


Dead of Night by Cheryl Bradshaw

3rd November 2020.

This novella sees Sloane Monroe at odds with boyfriend and new police chief, Cade, as they both investigate the brutal murder of Wren Bancroft’s mother-in-law. Events take a turn for the worse as the investigation tries to establish if she’s the killer.

All of Sloane’s trademark determination and refusal to give in to police pressure are on show, but combined with a little more tolerance than previous outings.

While I prefer the engagement of a full novel, it’s still a class act with a satisfying slice of mystery and intrigue that’s easily devoured in one session. It provides a good introduction to Sloane and the main players, but to get the full benefit, you should start at the beginning of a series.


After her mother-in-law is fatally stabbed, Wren Bancroft is seen fleeing the house with the bloody knife. Is Wren really the killer, or is a dark, scandalous family secret to blame?

Dead of Night is part of the Sloane Monroe mystery series and is book 6.5 in series order. It can be read as a stand-alone.
Dead of Night by Cheryl Bradshaw

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