Cut Throat by Bill Kitson

Cut Throat by Bill Kitson

24th May 2022.

This is another terrific, twisting and compelling entry into the DI Mike Nash series, which shows no signs of flagging or running out of exciting and complex murder investigations. If anything, the author seems to be enjoying himself.

Is Craig French a brutal killer who robs his victims and then slits their throats? Cumbrian police believe so, having found evidence to support their arrest and conviction. But Craig had a serious fall trying to escape arrest and spent weeks in a coma. Lucky to survive, he struggled with amnesia and was unable to put up any defence.

Now his memory’s back and he’s escaped from prison, determined to prove he’s not a killer. Using his local knowledge to avoid detection, he survives, unaware that more killings have been committed.

Mike Nash, charged with finding French, isn’t convinced that the original investigation and conviction was sound, but there’s no easy way to confirm this. As he digs deeper and the pieces are slotted into place, the investigation becomes more complicated than he could have imagined.

It all builds to another thrilling investigation. The teamwork and camaraderie, dark humour and imaginative story threads gave me so much to savour in what has become one of my favourite crime series.


A violent murderer has escaped from Felling Prison.

Craig French slit the throats of a husband and wife and stole the luxury watches from their safe. But not before slicing the letter F into their foreheads.

Now he’s on the loose.

But French’s mother says that he wasn’t fit to stand trial — he had amnesia and couldn’t even recognize his own mum.

Mike Nash is not convinced either. But he is certain of one thing: there’s a dangerous killer out there somewhere. And whoever it is must be stopped.

Cut Throat by Bill Kitson

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