Chinese Takeaway by Barry Faulkner

Chinese Takeaway by Barry Faulkner

9th November 2021.

Like the previous adventures in the series, you’re straight into the heart of the action from the first few pages. From here it’s a fast and exciting ride as Ben and the Gold Digger follow a trail across continents in pursuit of a box that contains the codes for the UK’s defence missiles.

It’s then a case of finding out who took the box and who they’re working for. With barely a rest for sleep, Ben and the Gold Digger head for Morocco and then back to GCHQ for a thrilling climax that manages a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes. And just when you think it’s all done and dusted, there’s one final problem to deal with.

Written with great flair and confidence, this is exciting, thrilling and packed with dry humour and the occasional acerbic observation on today’s society. It’s a short read that’s crammed with adventure and perfect for anyone who enjoys a good international thriller.


GCHQ is missing a code box that has the codes for all the UK’s missile defence satellites secured inside. MI6 pull in Ben and Gold to retrieve it. The chase is dangerous and takes them to Morocco via Madeira leaving a trail of destruction and bodies behind as they clash with the Chinese and Moroccan Secret Service. But is all that it seems to be? How is Erskin Powell an English Government Minister involved? Is his visit to a Casablanca Arms Fair just a coincidence or is he a Chinese agent or maybe even a double agent? Then there’s The Chinaman inside MI6 and the Russian oligarch on the run. They are all involved in some way and Ben has orders to find out how, retrieve the code box and eliminate the enemy, but first if he must work out who they are?

Chinese Takeaway by Barry Faulkner

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