A Narrow Victory by Faith Martin

A Narrow Victory cover

3/5 stars. I liked the intriguing murder and plot, which was well developed, offering little in the way of suspects, but plenty of frustration for the investigators. Description Once again, ex-DI Hillary Greene is delving into the archives, trying to discover who killed an interior designer at a swanky New Year’s Eve Party in 1999. … Continue reading "A Narrow Victory by Faith Martin"

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Fifty Years of Fear by Ross Greenwood

Fifty Years of Fear cover

December 2017 4/5 stars. Ross Greenwood’s a talented, thoughtful writer, who brings to life the rather sad story of Vincent, who suffers many tragedies and challenges during the course of the story. Description Could you forgive murder? What if it was something worse? A childhood accident robs Vincent of his memories, causing him to become … Continue reading "Fifty Years of Fear by Ross Greenwood"

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Beneath the Ink – Kath Middleton

Beneath The Ink cover

November 2017 5/5 stars. Ingenious, imaginative and skilfully told with a touch of dark humour, this story shows you what can happen when science loses control. Description When Lisa accompanies her boyfriend Jed to get a tattoo, she’s scared but knows it will be worth it. Tattoos are cool! Days later, they haven’t even begun … Continue reading "Beneath the Ink – Kath Middleton"

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Lost in the Lake – AJ Waines

Lost in the lake cover

November 2017 4/5 stars. Both characters were sympathetically drawn were entirely credible, adding a solid backbone to an enjoyable read. Description She came at first for answers…now she’s back for you Amateur viola player Rosie Chandler is the sole survivor of a crash which sends members of a string quartet plunging into a lake. Convinced … Continue reading "Lost in the Lake – AJ Waines"

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