Eastbourne Book Festival

11th November 2017 – talked books with some terrific authors at the Eastbourne Book Festival at the Underground Theatre.

On a busy Saturday afternoon, local authors, editors and illustrators gathered to display their wares and talk books. With so many authors giving readings and talks, they were split into two separate rooms. I was in the local library upstairs, on the second floor in a comfortable room. I was surprised so many people found me as it’s out of the way, but they listened attentively and asked questions at the end. Unfortunately, due to the location, I’m not certain many of them returned to the main festival.

While I never anticipated selling many books, I covered my costs, had the chance to catch up with a few authors I knew, and met some I didn’t.


South Downs Gothic

27th October 2017 – terrific review by Will Hatchett, editor of Environmental Health News.

EHN Review

On 3rd November 2017, I visited the offices of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in London and met with Will. After meeting some of the people who work there, we had lunch in a traditional pub around the corner and chatted about everything from books to fly fishing. I must admit, I know a little more about the former than the latter.

It turned out to be a fascinating day and Will was a learned, humorous and kind host.

Stormcock by Robin Roughley

August 2017 – Stormcock by the excellent Robin Roughley out now.

Think you know about vengeance? Then think again.

For over five years Abe Mathews has been hunting the white-haired assassin.

Obsession and vengeance drives him and at last he is close to bringing the man named Plymouth to justice.

Though Plymouth is playing a deadlier game. One in which he is putting his life in the crosshairs in order to bring the guilty forward and he will stop at nothing to inflict his own horrific brand of retribution.

However, as Mathews draws closer to his quarry he is forced to question the truth about the man with the blue eyes and savage smile.

Though there are others who will cross any line to kill Plymouth, those who have suffered beyond imagining at his hands.

As the noose tightens and people start to die, Mathews must decide who he can trust before the clock stops ticking.

Meanwhile, Plymouth relentlessly draws out those who want to see him dead in an electrifying game of life and death that will have a devastating impact on those unwittingly pulled into the vortex of violence.

Hawthorns Summer Fete


29th July 2017 – Sharing a table with local author, Margaret Kaine, at the Hawthorns Summer Garden Party.

The heaven’s opened, forcing the fete inside the Hawthorns. It didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of local residents and visitors, who wandered around the many stalls. Margaret and I got to know each other a little better, sharing some of the joys and woes of being an author.