Blood on the Tyne: Headshots by Colin Garrow

Headshots by Colin Garrow

15th November 2020.

Rosie Robson’s second appearance is another exciting adventure as she rushes from danger to danger to pursue the person who killed two models. The singer and part time sleuth is a feisty likeable character, who’s smart, sassy and filled with Geordie nouse and humour. With a little help and support from police detective Vic, she keeps tugging at the thread until it starts to unravel.

The author wraps the adventure in a warm, nostalgic Newcastle in the mid 1950s. From the terraced houses occupied by ship builders to the smoky clubs where Rosie performs, there’s a rich vein of Geordie humour, camaraderie and vivid characters underpinning the story.

There’s also danger and tension around every corner as the bad guys do their best to thwart Rosie efforts to get to the truth. It all leads to an exciting adventure, filled with action, great dialogue and an exciting climax that could leave you breathless, but wanting more.

A fine and worthy follow-up to the first Rosie Robson novel, this has the makings of another fine series from Colin Garrow.

Here’s to the next book in the series.


When someone starts killing fashion models, Rosie Robson finds herself in the firing line.

Newcastle, 1955. When a young model is murdered, the woman’s bereaved family ask singer and amateur sleuth Rosie Robson to investigate. But before she can check out the agency where the woman worked, the killer strikes again. Discovering a telephone number that could lead to the killer, Rosie tries to make contact, unaware that a Gateshead gangster already has her in his sights.

Headshots by Colin Garrow

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