Blood Diamond by Bill Kitson

Blood Diamond by Bill Kitson

22nd November 2021.

In another fast paced thriller in the DI Mike Nash series, the story starts back in 1986 with the hijacking of illicit diamonds and a couple of brutal murders. In London, rival gangs are fighting for power. With one gang leader dead, another soon dies, leaving Ray Perry accused of a murder he did not commit.

Wind forward to the present and Ray’s release from prison. Rather than heading back to London, he makes for Helmsdale. He’s struck in a hit and run and winds up in hospital in a coma. He’s soon identified, giving Mike Nash another puzzle to solve. It the hit and run wasn’t an accident as he suspects, who wants to kill the ex-gangster?

And what’s he doing in Helmsdale?

With an unidentified skeleton found in nearby woods and more murders, this looks like a case that will test of all of Nash’s considerable skills. That’s before he finds out there are more London gangsters on his patch, chasing the elusive diamonds.

Like all of the Mike Nash series, the crimes are big and far reaching, stretching the small team as they wrestle with their own issues. The twists and turns will keep you on your toes as you try to connect the dots and make sense of the investigation as the tension increases towards an exciting climax and a final unexpected twist to round off proceedings.

While this is a more brutal in places than the other novels in the series, it has all the familiar elements, black humour, touching moments and an evolving backstory that reveals more about the main characters with each story.

Thrilling stuff.



1986: A consignment of illicit diamonds en route to London vanishes, along with the couriers. It isn’t long before East End gangster Max Perry is found dead, having suffered horrific torture.

Present Day: Max’s nephew, Ray, was sentenced to life in prison for taking his revenge. He is released after twenty-five years and heads for Helmsdale. But before he can get there, Ray is the victim of a hit-and-run. DI Mike Nash is convinced it was no accident.

Then a garage mechanic is found tied up and bludgeoned to death. Nash discovers a link to an unidentified skeleton found years ago in Helmsdale woodland.

How do crimes committed long ago in London connect to the current wave of violence? As the body count rises, the detectives struggle to keep pace with those who would prefer the truth to remain dead and buried.

Blood Diamond by Bill Kitson

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