Baby Lies by Chris Collett

Baby Lies by Chris Collett

18th December 2020.

I’ve enjoyed the first three Tom Mariner series. He’s an easy going, caring detective who has had some tricky cases to investigate and a love life that’s never quite delivered. In this fourth outing, the focus is on babies, in particular ones that go missing.

The story starts off well enough with the abduction of a baby from a crèche. While all is not what it seems, the story starts to slow and seems to meander as the detectives struggle to get to grips with the case. When the baby is suddenly returned the story shifts to Mariner’s troubles with Anna. DS Knox, his friend and colleague, also has issues with his love life.

But there’s another mystery bubbling to the surface. The pace picks up a little as the team investigate and make connections they missed with an earlier murder. An arrest soon follows, leading to a rather abrupt and unexciting ending.

While it’s an easy going and entertaining read, Tom Mariner’s love life seemed to pose more of a challenge than the crimes being investigated.


Six-week-old baby Jessica is abducted from a local nursery. And Detective Tom Mariner realises he’s not going to get the time-off he was hoping for.

The police get a good description of the woman who took Jessica, but the appeal to the public doesn’t generate a single lead.

Then the kidnapper calls demanding money for Jessica’s safe return . . . and a terrible discovery is made in the woods.

Can Mariner get to bottom of a complex case which involves much more than child abduction?

Baby Lies by Chris Collett

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