A Long Cool Glass of Murder by Colin Garrow


A Long Cool Glass of Murder

12th September 2019.  5 stars

My thoughts

It’s been some time since I enjoyed the first Terry Bell novel, but it’s been worth the wait. A Long Cool Glass of Murder contains all the ingredients of the first story – murder, suspense, intrigue, great characters and the author’s irreverent humour to lighten up the darker moments – all served up in a delicious cocktail.

Once again, it’s just another day in the life of cabbie and part time detective, Terry Bell. A woman he takes on as a client is soon murdered, throwing him into the thick of an intriguing plot that leads him a merry dance as he tries to make sense of it all. The bad guys won’t let him rest either, doing their best to inflict all kinds of grief as he tries to work out what the hell is going on.

Then we have the police, who are never sure how involved Terry might be in the murders. Then again, he’s not sure how straight they’re being with him. That’s the trouble – who can you trust?

The fast pace, slick writing and abundant Geordie humour make the pages fly by. Terry and Carol are a terrific double act, both fearful of what might happen to them yet refusing to give in. You can’t help rooting for them, enjoying the one liners that don’t quite mask their fear.

If you enjoy a murder mystery with strong characters, an intriguing plot, and lots of humour, then the Terry Bell novels might be just what you’re looking for. They’re a little bit different from your average crime fiction, which is an added recommendation in my books.

Roll on Terry Bell #3.


When taxi driver and amateur sleuth Terry takes on a new client, he doesn’t expect her to turn up dead. With echoes of his recent past coming back to haunt him, can he work out what’s going on before someone else gets killed?

‘Charis Brown’s elfin-like smile was, like the footsteps on the stairs, noticeably absent. She looked at me, looked at the dead woman and let out the sort of sigh I knew from experience meant it was going to be a long night.’

‘A Long Cool Glass of Murder’ is book #2 in the Terry Bell Mystery series.

If you love mysteries and amateur sleuthing, ski-mask-wearing villains and the occasional bent copper, this’ll be right up your everyday seaside-town street.

A Long Cool Glass of Murder

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