A Killing at the Track by Janet Dawson

A Killing at the Track by Janet Dawsonao

21st December 2021.

This is another superlative entry into the Jeri Howard series, which I love. It’s time to saddle up for a look into the world of horse racing, which the author brings to life in vivid detail as she takes us behind the scenes. From the first few pages, you know someone’s going to be killed.

It’s not long before a jockey’s body is found and Jeri is on the case. Already investigating a series of threatening phone calls to one of the trainers, she now has a murder to investigate. The police are there, but she’s got a head start in a couple of areas and uses the knowledge and contacts she’s making at the track to ferret out the truth. A second death raises the stakes.

Like all of the books in the series, Jeri works hard to piece together the clues to uncover the secrets that provide the motives for the deaths. While there are no surprises, it’s all deftly handled as she puts together the pieces and builds the tension to an exciting climax.

If you’ve never tried this series, you’re missing out on a great private investigator and some fascinating backgrounds that make the stories that little bit different and more interesting as a result.


Intrepid Jeri Howard, Janet Dawson’s savvy female private eye, steps into the Winner’s Circle in Dawson’s NINTH action-packed mystery, set almost entirely at a track seething with intrigue. Author Dawson takes us to the fascinating and forbidden backside, where you practically need a hotwalker for the humans, as owners fret, jockeys throw fits, and vets sweat to hold overworked horses together with duct tape.

Overworked is a hazard of the job, but “injured” can result in lost fortunes or death—and not just death for horses, as Jeri soon finds out. You don’t have to be a detective to know that if it’s a track, there’s always a bad actor out there, looking to make a killing the easy way. And if they have to kill to do it, our intrepid PI’s not going to rest until the desperation stakes.

So here’s how it goes—one dead jockey, then two dead jockeys, three exotic poisons, and several possible payoffs—Jeri’s positively in a lather! But you can wager she’s going to show her stuff in the stretch and take home the purse. (She’s reliable that way.)

Dawson’s complex plot is a pleasure, but the rich backside lore makes this one a sure thing. When you can practically feel the breeze as the horses sweep by, you know you can’t lose!

A Killing at the Track by Janet Dawsonao

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