Turkish Delight by Barry Faulkner

Turkish Delight by Barry Faulkner

6th March 2021.

This was a great first book in what promises to be an exciting new series of action thrillers, featuring Ben Nevis and the Gold Digger. Slick, fast paced and shot through with dark humour, the story whisks you off on a roller coaster of an adventure from the start.

Private eye Ben Nevis is approached by a wife who wants her husband killed. Then her husband turns up and wants her killed. And when M16 become involved, you know this is no ordinary job for a private eye. Then again, Ben Nevis is no ordinary private eye.

He’s a likeable, wise cracking hero who is more than capable of looking after himself, especially when his partner, the Gold Digger has his back covered. Their backgrounds and skills ensure they’re up to any challenge, even when they’re not given the full picture, leading to some interesting twists as they investigate some illegal international arms dealing.

If you enjoy international thrillers filled with action, jeopardy and high stakes, this is a story for you. The pace, humour and threat levels never ease up, providing an exciting ride that will leave you breathless and wanting more.


London private eye Ben Nevis, ex SAS/OCS/N14 gets a peculiar request from a new lady client, ‘kill my husband’. A few days later the husband appears in Ben’s London office with the request ‘kill my wife’. Ben has his partner the Gold Digger take a good look into the pair and some illegal international arms dealing is exposed with missiles going from the UK through Cyprus and Turkey to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and on to terrorist cells in the Middle East. After a surprise visit from Ben’s old boss at MI6 Ben finds himself enrolled in a mission to stop the trade with help of the British SBS based in Cyprus who are to get him into Turkey to blow up the arms and then get him out again. But things don’t go to plan. It is a full action novel set in the present day with twists and turns bringing it to the final explosive conclusion.

Turkish Delight by Barry Faulkner

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