10% Better by Dr Rob Yeung

18th April 2020.   5 stars.

This book is so much better than the cover and title might lead you to believe.

There are no bold claims to transform your life, as with some self-improvement books and no hyperbole. You get solid, simple, easy to adopt tips and ideas, supported by scientific study, to help you make a number of small differences to your attitude and behaviour.

Put them all together and they could make quite a change to your life.

There’s a wealth of easy to follow tips and guidance to help you with stress, diet, decision making, goal-setting and creativity. You pick and choose which you adopt or ignore – the choice is yours. At the end of each chapter, there’s a summary to help you remember.

The down-to-earth advice, case studies and tips all made perfect sense. None of them involved massive changes in behaviour because the book’s about make small, cumulative gains.

If you want to make some small, but significant improvements to your life and the way you behave, I can’t recommend this book enough. I’m off to read it again.


What’s the secret to appreciably raising your performance in life? It’s easy to feel the pressure to do better means you have to accelerate to keep in touch with your ambitions, but what if the secret to success was not hurtling forward with ever increasing urgency, but learning how to tweak your approach to get better results.

10% Better, by bestselling psychologist Dr Rob Yeung, will show you how to slow down, think twice, and change your habits for the better. With proven methods for improving your decision making, your creativity, your mood and your motivation, Rob will show you that simple every day changes can make all the difference. If you could learn to do life differently and see a 10% improvement in all that you do, why wouldn’t you?

10% Better by Dr Rob Yeung

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