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You might think it’s a dog’s life being an author …

Meet Harvey, my adorable West Highland White Terrier, who often watches and listens to me wrestling with characters and plot, trying to turn ideas into fiction. He’s witnessed my struggles and my elation, never passing comment or judgement, even when I bare my soul to him.

I can’t offer you a treat for being a good listener, but I hope you’ll enjoy my Robservations on writing and life.

It starts with The End.

It started before I typed ‘The End’ on the last page of No Remorse, the third Kent Fisher mystery. Typing ‘The End’ is only the beginning. The editing and revising ...
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Looking back

From looking back to moving forward

‘You were a bright lad, but you were in the wrong job.’ Two years ago, after 39 years of service, I quit my job in environmental health to write full ...
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Book ideas

A novel approach

Do you have weeks where everything starts to come together? Lovely, aren’t they? Here at Crouch Corner, the week starts with the report from my new editor. I like the ...
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Fighting for restraint

Writers are not known for keeping their opinions to themselves. It’s their job to write about what matters to them, to present their vision of the world as they see ...
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Ernest Hemmingway

Revising my opinions

Or did I really write that? Yes, I’m afraid I did write it. When you’re writing a novel, there’s no one else to blame for the words you choose and ...
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Sue Grafton

U will be sadly missed

I have to confess I had to blink back a couple of tears when I wrote my review of Y is for Yesterday, which has turned out to be the ...
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Talking authors

It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, isn't it? You’re focused on editing and revising your latest novel, maybe wondering how to raise your profile on social media, hoping ...
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Lessons in life

Do gifted children struggle more to fulfil their potential if they come from poor backgrounds? This was the question posed by BBC Two’s Generation Gifted this week as it followed ...
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Losing the plot

Do you ever reach the point where you can’t see the wood for the trees? Until this week, I’d always prided myself on seeing the big picture. (I’m ignoring the ...
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Looking back

Past Imperfect

‘Don’t let what happened mess up what’s possible.’ It’s a simple enough sentiment, however you phrase it. Don’t allow your past to get in the way of your future. Don’t ...
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