No Bodies

how do you find a killer when There is No motive, no connections and no bodies?

(Sample cover based on one of my photos of the South Downs)

Fresh from his last case, environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, sets off to track down Colonel Witherington’s missing wife, Daphne, unaware there may be other women missing.

While no obvious links exist between the women, Kent identifies details that suggest it’s the work of one man, a mobile caterer called Colin Miller. He also left Downland abruptly, but when Kent tracks him down to Glastonbury, the caterer gives him the slip once more.

With no motive, no tangible connections and no bodies, can Kent identify the killer before he strikes again, closer to home?



31st August 2016 – first draft completed ahead of schedule.

17th October 2016 – first edit and rewrite started.

8th December 2016 – first edit and rewrite completed.

13th January 2017 – second edit and rewrite started.

3rd February 2017 – second edit and rewrite completed.

17th February 2017 – while I plan to self publish the novel, I have contacted a few UK publishers. Due to the volume of submissions they receive, it often takes months to get a response. And in my case, it has.