No Bodies

Kent Fisher Mystery #2
Revenge is a poison, not an antidote

No Bodies

One year after his wife disappeared, her engagement ring turns up in a haul of stolen goods. When Colonel Witherington demands a murder inquiry, the police refuse to investigate, satisfied she ran off with a crooked caterer.

In desperation, the Colonel turns to family friend Kent Fisher, who’s struggling with the fallout from a previous murder he solved. Setting aside his reservations and problems at home, Kent picks up a trail that went cold over a year ago, only to make a surprise discovery.

Then, as Kent closes in on the killer, disaster strikes at his animal sanctuary, threatening to destroy everything he’s accomplished.

Can Kent drag himself from the brink of ruin to stop the killer before he makes one final strike?

Can Kent prove murder without any bodies?

No Bodies is the second in a series of intriguing murder mystery novels featuring Kent Fisher. With contemporary themes and irreverent humour, the series brings a fresh voice to the classic whodunit.

‘Robert Crouch has brought both a fresh voice and a new twist to conventional crime drama.’
Alaric Bond.

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