No Accident

is it an accident or is it murder?


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Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel, needs to find out. When he visits Tombstone Adventure Park to investigate a fatal work accident, the details don’t add up. Why was Syd Collins working so early in the morning? Why did he wear a shirt and tie while operating a tractor? And who removed the guard to the power takeoff shaft that killed him?

Kent’s curiosity and his animosity towards the park’s wealthy playboy owner, Miles Birchill, soon raises questions about the incident and the complex deception behind it.

Even when he’s suspended from duty, Kent keeps digging, setting his personal and professional lives on a collision course that could ultimately destroy the people closest to him.

No ordinary murder. No ordinary detective.

This is an utterly enthralling first novel. The tension excitement and pace are brilliantly maintained until the final pages with twists and turns along the way.’ Amazon review

What readers are saying about No Accident


“Expect sharp dialogue and irreverent humour in this whodunnit which manages to pay homage to the traditional murder mystery, while striking a contemporary and irreverent note.”
Crime Fiction Lover 17th June 2016

“Robert Crouch has produced a well written gripping English murder mystery that keeps you enthralled, a page turner to the end. Readers who enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes, Morse, Columbo will enjoy No Accident.”
Jessica Lee – avid fan of Kent Fisher 13th July 2016

“Kent Fisher does for the professional EHO what James Herriot did for Country Vets but with added gallows humour. I enjoy any laugh I can get, and there were many in this very involving novel, but it isn’t a crime comedy or sleuth spoof it is a ‘proper’ murder with a mystery to be solved. The plot has more twists and turns than the country lanes of East Sussex where the action takes place.  It is No Accident that this is a good read — more please !”
John Fitch 13th July 2016

“Both the author and his central character, Kent Fisher, are Environmental Health officers. You might not have put that occupation at the top of a list of those likely to become amateur sleuths, but when Fisher is called to the ironically named Tombstone Leisure Park to investigate a fatal accident, you will soon learn that his eagle eye for detail and his scientific
training make him more than a match for those trying to hoodwink the police.”
Fully Booked 2016 25th July 2016


Praise for No Accident

“In the quirky tradition of the English whodunit, Robert Crouch has produced a murder mystery which will keep you reading through the night. Agatha Christie fans will love it!”
Tamara McKinley, author of Matilda’s Last Waltz and Legacy.

“With a lead character that is so much more than “just another copper”, Robert Crouch has brought both a fresh voice and a new twist to conventional crime drama.”
Alaric Bond, author of True Colours and The Scent of Corruption in the Fighting Sail series.

“This is a traditional English murder mystery, and at its heart is Kent Fisher—a man with a troubled past, an aptitude for witty one-liners, and the fashion sense of Lieutenant Columbo on a bad day! When Kent attends what looks like an industrial
accident, his inquiring mind and natural suspicion lead him into an investigation that will ultimately challenge all he’s ever believed in. A most enjoyable read.”
Ellie Dean, author of the Beach View Boarding House Series.