No Accident

Kent Fisher Mystery #1

Nothing happens by accident.

No AccidentWhen Kent Fisher discovers a murder disguised as an accident, no one believes him. Will he go it alone and risk everything to catch the killer?

Having failed to stop the construction of Tombstone Adventure Park, Kent Fisher defies a restraining order to investigate a fatal work accident. But the park’s millionaire owner thwarts Kent’s every move, forcing him to break the rules.

Though Kent’s suspended from duty, he battles on, unearthing secrets and corruption that could destroy everything he holds dear. Faced with a murder he can’t prove, time is running out.

Can Kent hold his nerve and identify a killer who seems to know his every move?

No Accident is the first in a series of murder mystery novels featuring environmental health officer, Kent Fisher. Laced with irreverent humour, the book offers a contemporary and distinctive twist to the classic whodunit.

If you enjoy a complex murder mystery that’s as much about the characters as the plot then purchase your copy today.

“Robert Crouch has produced a murder mystery which will keep you reading through the night. Agatha Christie fans will love it!”
Tamara McKinley, author.

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