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‘I cannot wait to find out how this plotline will evolve in the next book(s)! I highly recommend the series.’
Caroline Vincent, Bits About Books

No Bodies coverNO BODIES

(Kent Fisher Mystery # 2)

Environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, searches for a missing wife and finds a serial killer.

“No Bodies is an exciting and fast-paced read with a number of twists and turns. I really hope there are more books in this series to come. Robert Crouch is fast becoming a favourite author.”   Sonya Alford 21st October 2017

Published 19th October 2017



No Accident coverNO ACCIDENT

(Kent Fisher Mystery # 1)

Environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, investigates a fatal workplace accident and uncovers a murder.

“Expect sharp dialogue and irreverent humour in this whodunit which pays homage to the traditional murder mystery, while striking a contemporary and irreverent note.”
Crime Fiction Lover 17th June 2016

Published 20th June 2016


Fisher's Fables cover


 (A humorous companion to the Kent Fisher mysteries.)

“With a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for dialogue, this is a witty and entertaining read.”
Colin Garrow, – 3rd December 2016.

Published 25th November 2016


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