Kent Fisher

‘Kent is an incredibly likeable character with a delicious sense of, sometimes quite dark, humour and he makes a fabulous main character. It’s a breath of fresh air to solve a mystery alongside a character that isn’t your typical chain-smoking and utterly flawed detective.’
Eva, Novel Deelights.

Harvey aka Columbo

Kent Fisher is an environmental health officer with a nose for trouble. In his younger days he was often in trouble as a hunt saboteur. When hunting was banned, he directed his energies to protecting the environment from developers, GM crops and fracking. Now he runs a small animal sanctuary in the South Downs in East Sussex.

His day job provides little escape from trouble when he sets out to investigate a fatal work accident at Tombstone Adventure Park. Immediately, he finds little details that don’t add up and before long he’s embroiled in a murder investigation that has repercussions that change his life forever.

A badly treated West Highland White Terrier he rescued captured his heart and became his loyal companion and assistant, Columbo, named after Kent’s favourite TV detective.

Environmental health officers make good detectivesKent Fisher and Columbo

Environmental health officers (EHO) are law enforcement officers, experienced in complex investigations and prosecuting serious offenders.

They work with the police, fire and rescue, and national agencies to protect the environment and public health.

Various aspects of environmental health work feature in the Kent Fisher mysteries to offer readers a glimpse into worlds they may know little about.

If you’d like to know more about the work of EHOs, you can find out more at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health website.

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