Fisher’s Fables

The perfect companion to the Kent fisher mysteries.

Fisher's Fables coverIf you like a chuckle or two, why not download Fisher’s Fables.

Fictionalised from my experiences, Fisher’s Fables started as a
humorous blog. It featured a dysfunctional environmental health team, trying to get to grips with a world (and management) determined to thwart their good intentions.

The characters I created went on to inspire and feature in my first murder mystery, No Accident, which is laced with the same irreverent humour.

You could say it started with a blog and finished with a murder.


‘This is a great book. It’s bone dry humour, wicked observations, and super storytelling. You hear it all the time, but in this instance it’s true… I could not put it down.’Amazon review.

Fictionalising Fact for fun

I started Fisher’s Fables in March 2007 to record an interview I did for a local radio station. I never thought  the blog would run for seven years, entertaining colleagues in environmental health and a wider list of followers on the Internet.

Kent Fisher fictionalised my experiences as the manager of an environmental health team, allowing me ot poke fun at corporate management, local government, and its struggles to cope with change and austerity. But it didn’t stop there, becoming a mini sitcom, if you like, as the characters came to life.

Many of these characters went on to populate No Accident, the first Kent Fisher murder mystery, and will feature in future novels.