Fisher’s Fables

Humorous tales of mismanagement.

Fisher's Fables by Robert Crouch

Management used to be so simple. Now it’s MBA (management by acronym), meetings to talk about what to talk about at future meetings, branding and more blue sky thinking than you can shake a stick at. And that’s before you find out there’s something missing from the omission statement.

Loosely based on the author’s experiences, Fisher’s Fables began life as a humorous blog. It poked fun at dubious management, dubious acronyms, and dubious changes that were never needed, following the principle that if you repeat something three times, you sound important.

Discover how Kent shows his dysfunctional team the way to win in a no-win situation and get a second chance to make a first impression. No matter what the challenge or how absurd the strategy, Kent and his colleagues will always find a way to frustrate their superiors.

Fictionalised to make the guilty feel worse, Fisher’s Fables produced some unforgettable characters and witty dialogue that’ll raise a chuckle or three from anyone who enjoys watching the mighty fall.

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What readers are saying about Fisher’s Fables

‘This is a great book. It’s bone dry humour, wicked observations, and super storytelling. You hear it all the time, but in this instance it’s true… I could not put it down.’Amazon review.